25-27 Jun 2017

Kamil Abdul Karrim

Managing Director, Pam Golding Tourism & Hospitality Consulting
PGTHC is a specialised consulting company providing strategic analysis and advise to the Hotel & Hospitality Industry with expertise and exposure throughout South Africa and an expanding competence in the Rest of Africa, Indian Ocean Islands and the Middle East, providing services to both independent operators and major hotel groups, prospective developers and banks. The Principal of PGTHC, Kamil Abdul-Karrim, has for many years served as Director Strategic Marketing for Southern Sun Hotels. Under the Leadership of Kamil, PGTHC has provided varied levels of Strategic Consulting Services to numerous Luxury Hotels and Lodges including The SAXON Boutique Hotel & Spa in Sandton.

Kamil also sits as a Non-Executive Director of the JSE listed Hospitality Property Fund Limited, in addition to which he also is a Board Member of the Auditing Committee and heads up the Investment Committee of the Fund. HPF has a portfolio of Assets which will soon exceed R4billion, spread throughout the country and across operating segments ranging from Hotels to Lodges and Budget to Luxury.

PGTHC are also the foremost advisors on Greenfield projects with projects at various stages of development and quite a few already operating. The integrity and comprehensiveness of PGTHC’s reports are recognised by both the Banks and the various major Hotel Operating Companies in Southern Africa and beyond, including Protea Hotels, Rezidor, Hilton, Marriott, and PGTHC is reputed for its comprehensive and thorough overview of the project potential and forms the basis on which reliable decision making can be effected.