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Digital Access to Our Live Event

Events reimagined

As we enter a new era, dmg events Africa is re-inventing the way business to business events are being run on the African continent.  Facilitating meaningful connections across our industry sectors remains our passion and that’s why we’ve partnered with Virtual Event and Hubilo – the hybrid event platform built for engagement and event excellence.


It’s time to unlock all the restrictions! Our series of hybrid events are here to drive engagement and yield greater business results, giving you access to a wider audience, both live and digitally.


And here is how we’ll do it:


Seamless integration that creates deeper attendee engagement across both our live and digital audiences.
Fostering meaningful connections amongst attendees, regardless of in-person or digital - connect via 1 – 1 chats, video calls, meeting rooms, lounges and more.
Bringing top trends and insights right to your doorstep with diverse and bold panel discussions, thought-provoking keynotes and engaging sector-focused breakaway sessions.
Create product exposure, generate qualified leads and build rapport with attendees who can’t attend the in-person event.
Escalate lead generation by presenting your product pitch with live webinars and demo’s within your digital marketplace.
Maximising the user-experience with our built-in leaderboard and gamification feature, quizzes, and polls - keeping attendees actively engaged and on the edge of your seat.
Measure your success with instant robust analytics and reporting and generate reports to assist your business’s future planning.
Hybrid Event

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