11 - 13 JUNE 2024



Discover the pulse of African Hospitality - explore the trends shaping the industry

Find out more about the ever-evolving landscape of African hospitality, as the African Hospitality Confidence Index 2024 takes centre stage.

Crafted in collaboration between dmg events and Moore Global, this second edition offers a compelling overview of industry trends, derived from the perspectives of leaders spanning across 30 African countries. Experience an exclusive glimpse into the collective wisdom of industry pioneers as they illuminate the path forward.

A few of the key insights: Navigating trends shaping the African hospitality landscape

Thriving Post-Pandemic Landscape

Witness the resilience of businesses as they thrive in a post-pandemic era, embracing technological development, improved financial access, and talent nurturing.

Digital Transformation and AI

Uncover the industry's commitment to accelerating digital transformation, with almost 1-in-4 businesses leveraging AI tools for enhanced operations.

Tourism Resilience

Delve into UNWTO data revealing a remarkable 43% increase in international tourist travel, positioning Africa as the second-fastest-growing economic region.

'Bleisure' Tourism Boom

Experience the significance of 'bleisure' tourism, with an overwhelming 92% emphasizing its importance. The global market is predicted to double to $731.4 billion by 2032.

ESG Measures

Understand why 89% believe in the vital role of ESG action for long-term success. Explore ongoing efforts and the positive impacts on customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Unleash the Power of African Hospitality Innovation!

Step into the forefront of innovation with our latest report, 'Africa Embraces Innovation in a New High-Growth Era.' This year's findings showcase an industry poised for remarkable expansion.

Key Insights:

  • Dynamic responses from 537 industry leaders across 30 African countries
  • Unveiling strategies for digital. transformation, AI integration, tourism resilience, and impactful ESG measures.

Why Africa is the perfect market


is the largest contributor to GDP across the African continent.


hotel construction projects underway in Africa.


new hotel rooms are in the African pipeline.


of the world’s fastest growing economies are in Africa.