25-27 Jun 2017
FEDHASA, Federated Hospitality Association of Southern Africa, the official representative of the hospitality industry, partners with The Hotel Show Africa.
Tshifhiwa Tshivhengwa
“The arrival of The Hotel Show brings a recognised global brand to Africa and we are pleased that dmg has chosen South Africa,” says Tshifhiwa Tshivhengwa, CEO of FEDHASA.

“The Hotel Show brand will bring a new focus and with it a global network of potential investors to the hotel and restaurant. We can learn from the experiences of other countries that have created a successful tourism industry.
“Tourism is vital to the growth of the South African economy – bringing jobs and foreign investment.

“From a tourism perspective, the product offering in South Africa is very good,” said Tshivhengwa. “We have eight world heritage sites, the Cape Peninsula, Kruger National Park, Sun City, the 200km Garden Route on the southern Cape Cast and the beaches, hills and game reserves of KwaZula-Natal – but we need more.

“We need to encourage international operators of waterparks, theme parks, restaurants and tourist attractions, to invest here and add to the South African experience for visitors. The Hotel Show Africa is a major step in bringing the continent to the attention of the world's biggest hospitality investors and influencers.

“The FEDHASA committee has an extremely important role to play in shaping the event with dmg-ems to meet the needs of the industry across Africa and is keen to do so.”

Tourism is number four on the most important contributor to GDP in South Africa. Today travel and tourism contributes around 9.5 per cent of GDP and employs 700,000 workers. That is forecast to increase and the government recognises it is vital for economic growth.

“For our members The Hotel Show will be a showcase and offer an insight and a chance to source and buy products and services.

“International buyers will have the opportunity to come to Africa, understand what's going on here and of course, to source products from local supplier.

“It will bring international trends and advancements to southern Africa and that will enhance the international competitiveness of our sector.

“It is important for us to understand and plan for the hotel guests of tomorrow. Customers' expectations in the future will change: five years ago no one considered Wi-Fi essential, now it would be unthinkable not to offer it. We need to understand what the future will bring and implement it in an Africa context.

“We welcome The Hotel Show Africa and an international perspective will be hugely beneficial to our members and to the growth of tourism on this continent.”

The Vision Conference will also be included in the event and it attracts hundreds of delegates in the Middle East and that formula of industry experts sharing knowledge and insight provides an essential learning forum.

Tshivhengwa said: “Captains of industry will present African solutions and discuss new trends. They can reveal how they have implemented expansion and share their experience and reveal the lessons learned.”

He says the government of South Africa has made it easier for international investment into the country. “What it must do is publicise it more and this event will provide an excellent platform,” he said. Plans for the full conference programme are underway this together with a “How to Do Business in South Africa” workshop for international visitors will provide a valuable reason to attend.

FEDHASA's involvement in The Hotel Show Africa 2017 will benefit existing members, says the CEO: “It will offer a platform for discussion, to learn what's new in the market and how to prepare for the future.

“I want our members to see all these things, here in Africa, the new tech, the products, the changing trends and to be an active part of The Vision Conference.”

As Tshivhengwa says “the product is good”, but he concedes that there will need to be more to ensure South Africa becomes a top tourist destination. He said: “South Africa is an amazing country with so many natural attractions. Growth will be further spurred by more dedicated attractions, more theme parks, waterparks and the like to offer tourists a range of experience from the natural to the commercial during their stay.”