11 – 12 June 2025

Cape Town International Convention Centre,
Cape Town, South Africa

Adrian Landry

GM, The Leonardo Hotel
Adrian Landry, General Manager of The Leonardo in Sandton, has been in the hospitality industry for almost four decades. His wealth of experience, specifically with new-builds and refurbishments of properties across Africa, makes him one of only a handful of seasoned stalwarts in his field.

Adrian thrives on rolling out and managing new-build projects. Sticking to the deadlines and working with top-industry players keeps him enthralled and challenged. His most recent new-build, and the highlight of his career is The Leonardo. Not only is it South Africa’s tallest building, but it is located within the richest square mile of Africa.

His time spent working in various countries in Africa has taught Adrian how to adapt across a variety of histories, cultures and backgrounds. This is also what has kept him motivated as each move has brought with it a fresh set of challenges and opportunities to make a valuable contribution to the industry. For Adrian, two days in hospitality are never the same and he advocates the career for those who enjoy intense activity and for those wanting to expand their comfort zones as they learn something new each day.

Adrian believes that one should endeavour to build and shape teams that can capitalise on each other’s strengths, skills, knowledge and experience. He is most proud of the team that has been assembled at The Leonardo.

He remains optimistic about the world post-Covid and believes that travel will reach its previous heights, albeit over some time. He sees this waiting period as an opportunity for fresh ideas, dynamic concepts and an opportunity for the industry to become more flexible and adaptable to change.