11 – 13 June 2024

Johannesburg, South Africa

Wendy Alberts

Chief Executive Officer Restaurant Association of South Africa (RASA)
The Restaurant Association of South Africa is a leading organisation in the food and beverage sector, successfully managed under the leadership and mentorship of Wendy Alberts.

RASA has been Wendy’s baby since its humble beginnings just four years ago and has grown to be a powerful association that partners with top blue chip companies, suppliers, industry associations and industry players, as well as various high level employees in government departments, in the aim to uplift and self-regulate the restaurant industry in South Africa.

Wendy’s in-depth knowledge on every conceivable aspect of food, restaurants, franchising and pure people and business development in the hospitality sector has played a major role in the success of RASA. Wendy provides a dynamic, professional and very valuable service to the industry and is unquestionably passionate about and dedicated to her role as CEO. Her strong, ethical and professional approach has benefitted not only RASA, but also the many restaurants, suppliers, industry role players, staff and clients that she promotes, develops, assists or simply takes under her wing.

Wendy values passion: in people, people development, training; skills upliftment; solutions; gaps and opportunities – she represents all that is best in association-managed businesses. She is highly resourceful and has introduced many innovations, systems and new growth opportunities to the industry.

Her strengths include a thorough understanding of the principles of business management, marketing, promotion, growth planning, and the sourcing, evaluation and dissemination of relevant industry intelligence. Wendy’s refreshing approach to negative challenges and her ability to simply and swiftly (and almost magically) turn them into positive opportunities has shown time and again that while the industry has grown in magnitude there is always room for improvement.

Wendy maintains the highest levels of ethical conduct and good association principles and demands the same from her loyal staff. With Wendy at the helm, leading by example, RASA will continue to be instrumental in bringing about positive change, positive growth and positive development in the restaurant industry.

  • South African Tourism TGCSA integration forum Chairlady
  • Tourism Grading Council of SA Board
  • Finalist in the STANDARD BANK TOP WOMAN 2017
  • Winner Africa’s Most Influential Woman in Business and Government 2017
  • CEO Global Country winner tourism and hospitality 2017